This is my first attempt at colorizing a B&W photo, thoughts ?! :)

  1. mickeyd-riri-navy answered: Keep up the good wrk, Looking good (“,)
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  3. barit0ne answered: looooovely
  4. filmsnoire answered: it’s very good, i like it. :)
  5. vh0 answered: The one with the colors isn’t the original one? :O Nice job!
  6. minajmycucka answered: * Gives Standing Ovation* Seriouslyy, I Love It ♥
  7. kmachete answered: love her
  8. amor-e-outras-confusoes answered: a foto fico linda : )
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    very nice Dars!
  10. weheartxtinaminaj answered: good job :D
  11. pendantgrunger answered: SUPAAAH!♥
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  13. malheureax answered: gooooooooooood.
  14. rihlovah4eva answered: it’s nice and cool :)
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